We are conscious of the high cost of independent education to parents, but we believe that we provide exceptional value for money through our small class sizes and highly skilled teaching staff. Every effort is made to limit fee increases to the minimum necessary in order to maintain the high quality of education provided by Kelvinside Academy. 

Included in the Fees:

  • Text Books for all subjects
  • Art and IT Consumables
  • Entrance Fees and Subscriptions
  • Personal Accident and Travel Insurance
  • School Curriculum Outings
  • Examination Fees
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School Fees 2017/2018

(per term)

Junior School
Junior 1 £2,575 Junior 2 £2,700 Junior 3 £3,080
Junior 4 £3,080 Junior 5 £3,220 Junior 6 £3,690
After School Club
Session to 3.45pm
Session to 4.30pm
Double Session to 6.00pm
Senior School
Senior Prep £3,860 Senior 1 £3,860 Senior 2 £3,860
Senior 3 £3,860 Senior 4 £4,080 Senior 5 £4,080
Senior 6
Autumn £4,080 Spring £4,080 Summer £3,500
Junior School Senior School
Autumn £240 Autumn £305
Spring £195
Spring £245
Summer £165 Summer £195

Parents who have more than two children attending school at the same time will receive a reduction (against tuition fees) of 25% for the third child and a 50% reduction for any subsequent children.

Morrisby Careers Guidance Service
A compulsory one-off enrolment fee of £120 is charged for pupils’ participation in the Careers Guidance Scheme at the appropriate age and stage. This is recovered over the Autumn term for those paying by direct debit or as an extra for those paying termly.

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Nursery Fees 2017/2018

Nursery Year Round Option (Term time + Holiday Sessions)
5 full days per week £840.00 per month

Term Time Autumn, Spring, Summer Termly Fees
5 Full Days (8.00am to 6.00pm) £2,950
4 Full Days (8.00am to 6.00pm) £2,350
3 Full Days (8.00am to 6.00pm) £1,800
5 School Days (8.00am to 4.00pm) £2,620
4 School Days (8.00am to 4.00pm) £2,100
3 School Days (8.00am to 4.00pm) £1,570
5 Mornings (8.00am to 12.30pm) £1,650
4 Mornings (8.00am to 12.30pm) £1,320
3 Mornings (8.00am to 12.30pm) £1000
5 Afternoons (12.45pm to 4.00pm) £1,300
4 Afternoons (12.45pm to 4.00pm) £1,050
3 Afternoons (12.45pm to 4.00pm) £790
Holiday Sessions
Full Day (8.00am to 6.00pm) £33.00 per day
Morning (8.00am to 12.30pm) £20.00 per morning
Afternoon (12.45pm to 6.00pm) £20.00 per afternoon
After School Care
4.00pm to 6.00pm £13.00 per session
Autumn Term £185.00 Spring Term £160.00 Summer Term £140.00
Holiday Lunches £3.20 per day

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