School Leadership Team

Mr Ian H Munro
Mr Andrew L Dickenson
Head of Junior School
   Mr Daniel J Wyatt
Deputy Rector 
Miss Louise A Thrippleton
Academic Deputy
Mr David Pocock
Mrs Kerry L Bottomley
Director of Admissions and Communications

Board of Studies

Mrs Jenny Cunningham
Head of the Faculty of Expressive Arts
Art & Design, Drama, Music and Photography flourish both in the classroom and as extra-curricular activities.
Mr Joe Gilius
Head of the Faculty of Languages
Joe is passionate that language and literature should challenge students to think for themselves.
Mr Jim Cuthbertson
Head of the Faculty of Maths, Science & Technology
The MST Faculty has an excellent track record in preparing students for STEM subjects at university.
Mr David Wilson
Head of the Faculty of PE, Games and Outdoor Education
David leads the extensive sports programme at the school.
Mrs June Clark
Head of the Faculty of Social and Business Studies
June leads the largest Faculty in the school: History, Modern Studies, Geography, Religious and Moral Philosophy, Business Management Economics and Enterprise.
Mrs Joanna Maclean
Head of E-Learning and Professional Development
Joanna drives innovation and professional learning across the whole school.
Mrs Lorna Harkins
Head of Support for Learning
Lorna and her team help to ensure that every child makes the most of his or her cognitive skills and potential.
Mrs Tracy Nugent
Head of Nursery
Tracy is a qualified primary school teacher with further qualifications in Early Years Education and Leadership and Management in Education.

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