Digital Learning

Kelvinside Academy uses the world class Virtual Learning Environment: Frog. Designed to work on tablets as well as laptops, it is extremely intuitive and fun to use. 

Frog is changing the way pupils and teachers engage with the curriculum and with each other, and it has added many new dimensions to the educational experience of our pupils. The VLE is a library of online resources and digital files. Teachers can create dynamic websites, set and mark assignments online and collaborate with students.

Students access the resources of Frog through Wi-Fi connection on personal tablets and laptops. The use of 1:1 devices in the classroom means that our students have access to a vast array of tools to help support, stretch and personalise their learning journey.


The learning activities taking place in the virtual classroom generally fall into 4 categories:

Research and Development where students find the answers by using digital tools: online research, reading e-books or digital text, accessing information from forums/wikis, using image/audio capturing tools as well as online video clips.

Community Tools where students collaborate with others, engage in forums, co-construct web pages and online documents, games or presentations

Fact Sharing where the students show their learning through developing their own digital resources: designing web pages, presentations, mind mapping and note-taking, creating & editing using video, animation, images or audio, and creating quizzes and games.  

Organisational Tools where students use task managers, calendars, alarms/reminders, cloud storage and synchronizing documents & tools.  


These activities are helping deliver the 21st century skills our students require. Indeed the tasks that actively engage them and require them to think, interact and create have been proven to yield the highest level of learning. This is how we challenge our pupils to be The Best You Can Be.

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