Aims and Values

The philosophy of Kelvinside Academy is encapsulated in its motto “AIEN APIΣTEYEIN” which means “ever to be the best”.  In recent years, we have given this a modern interpretation, ‘The Best You Can Be’. From 3 to 18 years, education at Kelvinside Academy is directed to challenging each individual to be and do his or her best in every aspect of life.

In addition, we have a distinctive set of aims and values which are driven by WHY we educate young people. These aims are reflected in the curriculum and are best articulated through the three domains of Mind, Body and Spirit:


  • The cognitive THINKING domain (qualities of MIND, such as being able to think for oneself, being imaginative and inquisitive,  searching for knowledge and truth)
  • The physical, DOING domain (the BODY, psychomotor skills, being creative and also leadership, teamwork, resilience, adaptability and enterprise). Many of these skills are developed in extra-curricular activities.
  • The affective FEELING domain (qualities of SPIRIT, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, confidence, courage, integrity, compassion)


 Mind, Body, Spirit informs the purpose and design of the curriculum and how teachers plan lessons and activities. It underpins our approach to guidance and pastoral care, the shape of the school day and the structures and roles within the school. Furthermore, ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ is a philosophy that challenges each individual pupil to be “the best that you can be.”

Kelvinside Academy will support its young people to lead rich and fulfilling lives, valuing freedom, democracy and justice.  In achieving the best they can be, Kelvinside students will learn to act with personal integrity and courage whilst showing compassion, courtesy and concern for others in all they do.


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