Mind, Body and Spirit Ethos

At Kelvinside Academy we have a distinctive set of aims and values which encapsulate WHY we educate young people. These aims are reflected in the curriculum and are best articulated through the three domains of Mind, Body and Spirit.  



Learning is a journey of personal discovery for every boy and girl. Through inspiring teaching, we encourage young people to ask questions and make connections, to think critically and imaginatively, and to reflect and evaluate.  Some learners excel in logical thinking and problem solving; some are practical learners; others think visually and creatively. At Kelvinside Academy, the key to unlocking individual potential is to know each boy and girl and to provide challenge and support for them all.  



We encourage our students to take part in a wide range of sports and physical exercise. These activities not only promote their health and well-being, they help them to develop leadership skills, learn about teamwork and enjoy a sense of achievement. We also encourage young people to enjoy practical activities and creative expression.     



We help young people to develop qualities of self-awareness, integrity and courage. We also encourage them to be socially aware and ready to help others, for example through direct involvement in community service activities. At a personal level, young people need time and space for reflection. Educating the spirit, as well as the mind and body, helps them to be hopeful and thankful and to lead lives with meaning and purpose.

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