Mind, Body and Spirit Ethos


Our teachers know that learning is a journey of personal discovery for each individual child. Through a variety of rich experiences in and out of the classroom, they provide the map, compass and guide for that personal journey. They encourage children to think critically and creatively so that they develop the knowledge and skills to be active learners and to think for themselves. Our aim is to provide challenge and support so that each individual pupil fulfils his or her potential.  



We learn by doing. Practical activities at lunchtimes and after school offer opportunities for children to have fun and to discover new skills and strengths: Scottish country dancing, chess, gardening, netball, choir, aikido, street dance, orchestra and athletics are just some of these activities. There is a particular emphasis on outdoor learning, which includes short forays to the school garden, further afield to the Botanics or the Children’s Wood and also to museums, galleries and other places of interest.  Visits to residential outdoor centres start in J5.  



Children are part of an inclusive and caring community and they develop the confidence to explore their potential without fear of failure.  They look after one another and exercise responsibility, with older pupils nurturing younger ones, in their roles as monitors, pupil council representatives or play helpers.  Children look beyond themselves to the outside world and are actively involved in charity and enterprise activities.

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