I am delighted to have recently been appointed Chairman of the Minerva Educational Trust.  I would like to thank my predecessor, Donald Wilson (1980), who has become Chairman of the Board of Governors for his valuable contribution.  He achieved a lot in his short term and his infectious enthusiasm and creativity brought great benefit to the Trust.  I look forward to his continued support as a Trustee.  I would also like to thank retiring Trustees Alastair Tear (1974), Colin Neill (1972) and Allan Gilliland (Retired Rector) for their work over the years.  Alistair was a Trustee for 15 years and brought a wealth of experience to the Trust Board and deserves to put his feet up.

I welcome Ian Nairn (1978) and David Rowand (1986) as new Trustees.  The Trust Board has a great team of Trustees with a strong mix of experience and I look forward to working with them.

I would like to recognise the great work of our Development Manager, Elaine Solman who is well known to most of you.   Our Academical database is around 3000 and it is a major challenge to keep track of everyone as they move around.  

The information provided on these pages is very much designed to give you a better understanding of what the Minerva Educational Trust is about, the people involved and some of the initiatives we are planning for the future.

The School motto is, “ever to be the best”, which encapsulates our aim to help each boy and girl to be and do his best in every aspect of life.  Our aims and values set out the skills and personal qualities we wish boys and girls to acquire at Kelvinside Academy; they reflect our vision of why we educate young people.  In encouraging them to be the best they can be, we want the best for them.

The School offers a number of means tested bursaries to enable children, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the School, to benefit from an education at Kelvinside Academy.  We believe that bursaries have the power to make a huge difference to children’s opportunities and life chances.  In bringing bright and talented young people from a wide range of backgrounds to the School, we can fulfil the School’s aims in bringing the best out of everyone.

With our commitment to small classes and our means tested bursaries, our income stream is finite and we need to fundraise to ensure that we are able to offer the children an environment where they will flourish in the 21st Century.

It is a very exciting time for Kelvinside Academy and we have a lot to do - I look forward to your continuing support.

Mel Scott (1979)



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