Senior School Entry

Applications for entry to Senior School are accepted all year round.

Candidates for entry to Senior Prep (P7) and Senior 1 are invited along to the school to meet with the Rector.  Accompanied by their parents, we hope that the children will be able to talk about themselves and their interests and enthusiasms. The Rector will try and put them at their ease so he can get to know as much as he can about them in the course of a 20-minute chat.

Our core assessment window runs through January and February, although applications are accepted all year round. The interviews take place during January prior to their desired starting session followed by an assessment day in February.  The assessment day involves tests in English and Maths followed by fun team-building sessions, mad science experiments and an optional session on our shooting range. Candidates are assessed on the basis of their performance in our Entrance Assessments, interview and a satisfactory report from their current school.

Candidates applying outwith the February assessment period will be invited to spend a taster day at the School, joining a class for the day and meeting some of their prospective classmates.  During their visit they will complete the Maths and English assessment tests. Having the opportunity to meet some possible future classmates, get to know the staff and facilities can be a real benefit to potential students, as well as allowing us to get to know the children.

Guidelines and examples of the Maths and English papers are made available below.

For Senior 2 – Senior 6 candidates, the assessment will take the form of an interview with the Rector, submission of previous exam results and a satisfactory report from their current school.  In addition, the School reserves the right to carry out any and all additional testing it may think necessary in order to make the correct decision regarding an applicant. Candidates are also encouraged to come to School for a taster day to give them a chance to meet possible future classmates and teachers.        

Entry at S4 level is usually discouraged given that pupils will be midway in their studies for National 4 and 5 exams. However applications at this level will always be given consideration.

We would expect a pupil entering S5 to select five subjects, including English. A whole range of possibilities is available in S6, including development of up to three subjects beyond Higher Grade to Advanced Higher, consolidation of subjects already studied in S5, taking up again subjects most recently studied at Standard Grade or beginning entirely new subjects.

Any place offered in S5 or S6 will not be conditional upon examination results as we fully understand the need to make definite arrangements and that decisions about the new academic session cannot be postponed until the arrival of results in August.  If your child is successful in gaining a place at Kelvinside Academy, we shall invite them to join the School as soon as exam leave is over in late May or early June. Experience shows us that if they can join the School towards the end of the Summer Term, pupils new to the School enjoy a much more confident start to the Autumn Term.

No entrance assessment may be undertaken before a completed application form has been received, along with the application fee of £30.

Assessment Guidelines

Please see the following documents which give sample questions and guidelines:





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